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Monster Hunter World Has A Resident Evil 2 Crossover Event Incoming

Who would have thought Mr. X loves chicken drumsticks

Monster Hunter World is well into its first (and really damn good) expansion Iceborne, thrusting players into the icy land of Hoarfrost Reach to slay new monsters and eat gloriously appetising food. Like seriously, look at this shit..


Anyway, Capcom love a bit of crossover fan service, so it was probably a matter of when rather than if we would see Resident Evil make its way into the new Monster Hunter lore at some point, and as you can see we have Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield and.. Mr. X? teaming up to kick ass and wear some goofy looking armour.

The Leon & Claire Resident Evil crossover event is scheduled to drop in November for PS4 and Xbox One.

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Written By Trent Saunders

Although he has been gaming since the Sega Mega Drive launched in 1990, he still sucks at most games. When not being trash he watches French horror films, drinks herbal tea and secretly loves the music of Taylor Swift.


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