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Mortal Kombat Movie Trailer Drops – Offers A Bunch Of Brutal, Bloody Battles

Safe to say that no punches were pulled

As promised earlier, the Mortal Kombat reboot trailer has dropped and dragged us deep into the world of supernatural kung fu tournaments. Sporting an impressive array of beloved (mostly) MK kharacters being beaten up and straight out killed – we finally have an answer to the question of ‘What kind of film are we in for.’

The answer? A very violent supernatural kung fu tournament movie, oddly enough.

The trailer is now live, in all it’s gore-ridden glory:

That is a great selection of known Mortal Kombatants! Did you SEE Goro?? As someone who is not expecting high art with a Mortal Kombat film, I am pleased to see that the core of the franchise will be present – violence.

Mortal Kombat will release in cinemas and HBO Max on April 16.

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Known throughout the interwebs simply as M0D3Rn, Ash is bad at video games. An old guard gamer who suffers from being generally opinionated, it comes as no surprise that he is both brutally loyal and yet, fiercely whimsical about all things electronic. On occasion will make a youtube video that actually gets views. Follow him on YouTube @Bad at Video Games




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