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Moving Out – Every Bonus Objective And How To Complete Them

Make your moves even smoother

So you’re about to jump into Moving Out, SMG Studio’s much-anticipated multiplayer madcap moving sim, and you want to shoot for that elusive 111% (yep) completion score? Good for you!

There’s no better place to start than completing all of the game’s Bonus Objectives, there’s three in every level, but there’s just one problem! The game doesn’t show you the objectives until after you’ve completed a level at least once, and even then, some of them aren’t exactly clear on what they require. Dang!

I’m gonna be honest – you should definitely try to discover and solve these on your own – but I know that not everyone has time for that junk, so I’ve compiled a handy list of every Bonus Objective title in every level, along with some handy (and some not-so-handy) tips on how to achieve them!

Just click on any level name below to be completely spoiled. You’ve been warned:

Break the windows
Pretty self-explanatory – smash all of the windows in the level. It’s fun!

Don’t break any windows
Also self-explanatory, but much less fun. Be careful where you swing stuff.

Bring the flamingos
Grab the flamingos from the front lawn and chuck ’em in the truck at any point before finishing the level. You flamin-go-getter, you!

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There’s a soccer goal out in the backyard being guarded by a gnome. He’s a terrible keeper. You know what to do.

Deliver the turtle
Snap that little dude up and put him on the truck before you finish the level, just be careful he doesn’t wander off. Bloody teenagers.

Don’t break the vase
The client is adamant that you don’t break their favourite vase, which is why they’ve placed it precariously on a wobbly table in a high-traffic area. Be careful when you’re moving the L-shaped couch next to it, but otherwise you should be fine.

Shoot some hoops
Grab any of the rogue b-balls on the driveway and toss it into the nearby hoop. A jump-and-throw should do the trick. Sports!

Pets stay outside!
One of the objects to be delivered is a cardboard box, conspicuously placed in front of a kennel in the backyard. Moving it lets out the family’s pet chicken – I’ve named him Ali G, because he loves being In Da House. You’ll want to leave that box until last and grab some random junk to block the back door before you pick it up. I set up the coloured tubes from the front yard in front of the kennel to make a barrier, too. Bok-blocked!

Don’t break any windows
It sucks, because the windows in this level make such great shortcuts. Save that for a gold medal run, though. Leave breaking Windows to Microsoft’s newest updates.

Don’t hold a box for more than 3 seconds
Don’t hold that, F.A.R.T.! The cardboard boxes are easy enough, just toss ’em bit by bit instead of running them all the way to the truck. The fragile, red boxes are trickier. You could try throwing them over the pool if you’ve got a buddy to catch them on the other side (or some soft furniture and good aim), or just carefully place them back down and pick them up again every couple of seconds as you go. That’s the less fun option, though.

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Keep everything dry
The only thing worse than a wet F.A.R.T. is a wet bed, so don’t drop anything in the pool. Simples.

Jump over the pool
This one might not be compatible with the previous objective, but the easiest way to do this is to gently nudge a bed or couch partway into the pool and use it to get a running jump over. Gives new meaning to couch surfing.

Don’t break any glass
Gee, these clients are real fussy about frivolous property damage. You know the drill, be extra careful when you’re throwing their stuff around.

Don’t break any objects
This mostly goes for those flimsy, red boxes. Red is the colour of caution, and also of net loss from compensation charges.

Give a bird a bath
There’s a flamingo on the front lawn and bathtub at the back of the apartment. Just don’t wash him with any of your whites.

Who let the goose out?
Over by the car port is a small, red door. Smack the nearby letterbox and unleash the wrath of a jerk goose. If he starred in his own video game, I wonder what they’d call it?

No stairs for you!
Oh no. But I love climbing stairs! Said nobody ever. Just stick to jumping up the little grassy ledges and the air conditioning units to get into the house. You can also nudge the car on the right to send it crashing down below and get yourself another convenient step up. It was like that when you got there!

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Break the windows
Look, based on what we did to their car in the previous step, the client’s not gonna notice a few broken windows. So break ’em all.

No stair run
Slowly climbing up the icy slopes by spamming the jump button sure is exhausting, but what’s the alternative? Stairs? Not on my watch!

Go snowboarding
Don’t worry, you won’t need to fiddle around with placing the snowboard precariously on one of the slopes and trying to get on it. Just slide down the slope with it in your hands – easy! If I’d known that still counted as snowboarding I would’ve tried for the Winter Olympics by now.

Avoid the snow
Sadly, you can’t do this and ‘No stair run’ at the same time, so you’ll need to play the level again and only use the stairs this time. Lame. You can still chuck stuff down the slopes but be careful, it still needs to be within reach at the bottom or it’s snow-go for you. Puns.

Don’t get hit by a car
I shouldn’t need to explain this one. Don’t get hit by a car. Okay?

Mess up the trophies
Everyone knows digital trophies are the only ones that matter anymore. The trophies in question are sitting up on shelves in the room at the top. Make them not be sitting up there.

Don’t get oily
Being oily is great if you’re an air duct technician or a politician, not so much if your job is to handle people’s possessions. Avoid stepping in the big ol’ puddles of it out front.

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Disturb the nests
See all the nests in the chicken pens full of beautiful little eggs? Mess ’em up. Don’t, uh, tell PETA.

Avoid the rakes
You know that bit in that episode of the cartoon with the guy? Don’t be that guy.

Make some pen pals
I think the idea with this one is to get a bunch of different animals together into the big pen at the back. I’m not completely sure though, because I was already doing that before I knew it was an objective. Don’t ask me why.

Ride a croc
Contrary to what you’d think, walking across the top of a crocodile is cool and fun and not at all unsafe.

Get hit by a caffeinated driver
Don’t run in front of just any old car, those guys are asleep at the wheel! Wait around until you see a car coming past with some coffee cups sitting on the roof. That’s the car you wanna be run over by.

Bring the frog to the other side
Hey look it’s the ⬛⬛⬛⬛ from the classic arcade game ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛… *ahem*. Sorry, must have a ⬛⬛⬛⬛ in my throat. Anyway, the little guy should just follow you to the other side. Ribbit good!

Don’t break any windows
One look at the middle section of the level and this one might have you sweating, but don’t worry! Notice the handy, pre-broken glass pane behind the water cooler and filing cabinet. Whip those bad boys out of the way and you’ve got more room to work with. What? It was like this when I get here. No it really was!

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Put the printer in the lift.
Put the printer in the lift.

Deliver the trolley
The safest way to take this down if you’re trying to do the no-window-breaking at the same time is down the ramp just near it. The un-safest way is to try and shove it over the ledge, through multiple panes of glass. The choice is yours!

If there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood… slap it!

Deliver me his head!
See Mr Knight-In-Shining-Armour in the middle of the main foyer? Pop his top like a juice bottle and chuck it in the truck. He’s really head-ing places now! Hah!

Mess up the artwork
Lousy artists, always asking for reasonable compensation for their time and talent. Smack that art, all of it!

Hop across the pond
It’s over on the left of the front yard. Handy shortcut and a bonus objective. Now that’s what I call a golden op-pond-unity. Seriously, I say that all the time.

Don’t mess up any artwork
Unlike the last level, we want this art to stay on the walls. Mind the room full of statues, too. I’ll bet you can’t even tell why this art is better than that other art. Plebian.

No ghost hugs
Forgot social distancing, this is spectral distancing. Finish the level without being grabbed by the ghoulies and earn yourself a boo-tiful Bonus Objective. These pally poltergeists parade in predictable patterns, so pussyfoot past prudently when possible.

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Avoid all the rakes
Don’t step on the rake-y bits. The pole-y bits are fine. Man, you could really clean up in this town selling rake-holders to farmers. Know what they call cow pens in the farming biz? Steak-holders. Okay, they don’t call them that. I made that up. I’m sorry.

Don’t break the fragile item
You can see it in the tree over on the right-hand side. You’re gonna want to step on the button to shoot it out of the tree and then hot-foot it over to catch it right over the big X on the ground. Don’t stand on the X though, lest ye want a face full of fragility. Much like being in the mosh at an Avenged Sevenfold concert.

Ride the turtles
“I never had a brother, but I know four guys who did, and they would have fights and squabbles, but in the end, they always had each other’s shells”. Four of these turtle bros emerge from the water at different intervals. Jump on each individual one to feel like a video-game version of a real-life version of Super Mario.

Clear the pier
There’s a nice little pier on the right-hand side of the level. Imagine having a pier in your front yard! Are you jealous? Use that jealousy. Trash that pier. Throw everything into the water.

Don’t step on any buttons
This might sound tricky at first, the buttons are there to help navigate the level, but they only said don’t step on the buttons. Nothing was said about holding the buttons down with a nearby couch or table! Outsmarted!

Smash the trophy case
Not sure what the fine people at Smooth Moves have against trophies but I’m not one to argue. The trophy case in question is up in the fancy raised room to the right. Smash. It.

Help a chicken fly
Once you make your way into the weirdly large garage, you’ll need to use some weirdly large fans to reach higher levels. After you get a fan going, introduce one of the nearby chickens to it. While you’re there, sign my petition to change the name of this objective to Rooster Booster!

Keep the chickens off the grass
Similar to The Hoop House, you’ll need to block the chickens’ path so they don’t immediately go where they’re not supposed to. Be especially careful of the little hole on the right-hand side of the garage wall that they can use to immediately escape onto the grass. You can also mess around with the switches to close off the house from the garage once you’ve cleared that area. Trap them as best you can and then grab them last, don’t worry – carrying them on the grass doesn’t count. Loopholes!

Discover the weird secret
It’s just to the left as you enter the garage from the house. Smack some stuff off the wall and you’ll see the weird secret. Is it weird? It’s not that weird.

Use only the middle delivery lane
Pretty straightforward. Straight down the middle, you might say. Just be careful when ‘gently’ un-stacking the big box piles near the other lanes, if a box falls onto one of the other belts it’s objective over. Oh, and you can still use the two conveyor belts at the back, so you don’t need to spend ten wasted minutes trying to get the big box stacks through the door. I certainly didn’t…

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Deliver all boxes first
Two things. Again, be careful knocking the piles down, you don’t want a rogue couch landing on the conveyor belt. Secondly, the weird, Tetris-looking box stacks don’t count. Only deliver the single boxes first. Can you tell I’ve been learning these things the hard way?

Deliver all couches first
Okay, no weird unspoken rules to this one. Just deliver the couches first. Be careful with the box piles. Obviously, you can’t do this objective and the last one in the same run. Unless you put the last box on the last couch? Is that a paradox? Yeah don’t try that, the game might implode.

Deliver all small crates first
Okay this time they stipulate that it’s the single boxes that need to go out first. The only thing to watch out for this time is the pile of barrels precariously placed right on the edge of the final conveyor. Those guys in the Hazardous Barrel Department are gonna cop an earful when I see them next.

Get a workout
Conveyor belt or treadmill? The only limit is your imagination. And stamina.

Don’t take any items through the door
Conveyor belts only. No doors. It’s a pain, but you want these shiny gold coins, don’t you?

Smash the windows
Yes! I love the window-smashing objectives. Well, aside from running out of creative ways to explain that the ‘smash the windows’ objective involves smashing all the windows. Smash all the windows.

Take the couch outside
There’s a nice little balcony out on the left side of the building, but they can’t expect you to take a break outside with nowhere to sit! If you’ve gotta drag the break room couch out there every time, so be it.

Use the levers only two times
You’ve already got at least one entry point to the where the conveyor belt and truck are, so provided you’ve done a good job of window-smashing you shouldn’t need to mess with the levers too much. Who even designed this lab, though? What’s the experiment – How Frustrated Will Humans Get With Building Layouts Before They Just Smash Windows? Consider that one solved.

Don’t destroy any crates
There are two ways to destroy crates in this level. First is to let the ones on the middle conveyor reach the crusher – grab them before that happens. Second is to purposefully turn on the flame jets after you’ve loaded them onto the exit conveyor. Just… don’t do that? Like, leave the flame jets alone. Don’t touch them.

Don’t stand on the conveyor
It’s simple enough to avoid stepping onto the middle conveyor, just jump across, and throw everything over from the other side. Grabbing the boxes that are on it is a little trickier – you’ve gotta stand on the little dip at the end marked in black and yellow stripes. Don’t let the boxes get crushed though! Get it? That’s a callback to the last objective.

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Crush the couch
Couch. Conveyor. Crusher. Complete.

Don’t fall from the train
Honestly this is just all-around good advice.

Complete the gaming area
Near the beginning of this level you’ll see a white gaming console. Grab that bad boy and take it with you through most of the level until you see the TV where it belongs. You’ll occasionally need to put it down, just be careful not to lose it. Rate my setup!

Send a message Gnome
You’ll come across a gnome on the train, pick him up. Close by is a window facing the opposite side of the train to all the others. You’re gonna need to throw the gnome out of that window at the exact right moment so that he hits a passing radio tower. Don’t worry, if you miss he’ll respawn and you can wait for the next tower. This is either a really obscure reference to something or just a huge reach for a bad pun. Either way, I don’t get it.

Don’t let items touch the lava
I mean, guava.

Ride the barrel
Do the platformer-y thing where you walk in the opposing direction on a spinning barrel and try to stay on. It’s fun and potentially deadly!

Don’t touch the blue platforms
Try to move items across the disappearing floor panels on the right side of the level without setting foot on any of the blue ones. It’s the green-ish blue ones, by the way, not the purple-ish blue ones. Or is it the other way around?

Take a shower
Stand under the burst guava pipe over on the right. You might need to prop yourself up on something to cop a sufficient amount of guava in the face to qualify for this objective.

Hit the pipe
Just in front of the aforementioned guava fountain is a big, grey pipe. Lob something in it. I’m sure the cleaners will fish it out later, after they clean up the rest of the mess you’ve made.

Break all the glass
Surprise! I hope you’re not sick of these yet. This one’s actually a little challenging because some of the glass panels can be difficult to see and there’s a fairly good chance you’ll fall into the guava a few dozen times trying to smash ’em. Worth it.

Don’t touch the guava
It’s a good idea to avoid touching the guava if you want to complete this objective.

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Get pushed and survive
Stand in front of the big… weird… pushy metal arm thing. Get pushed. Don’t fall into the guava. It’s risky, but surely the risk was accounted for when they decided to put that thing there in the first place. Whatever it is.

Ahh Push It…
Alright, I’m not even gonna pretend to understand this one. Grab the hidden gaming console from behind the truck and throw it at/on top of the big pushy arm thing. Don’t ask. I don’t know.

Who delivers the deliverer?
Get delivered! If you’re playing with friends, just stand in the center of the level and have them push the button to drop you into the truck. If you’re playing solo, you’re gonna need to get creative and put one of the big green tubes on the spinner so it pushes the button as it goes around. It’s tricky, but so’s getting friends.

I’m the fire jumper
Jump over a flame jet. One of the horizontal ones, that is.The vertical ones… you can’t jump over those without some finessing. I mean, you’re welcome to figure that one out but it just seems like a lot of unnecessary extra effort.

Deliver each item separately
I assume everyone will complete this objective automatically because who’s smart enough to think of delivering a whole bunch of items at once to save time? Not me!

Crush a thing
What’s stronger – a bed or a spinning wall? Find out the answer for yourself.

Deliver everything via the left door
You might be tempted to use the center or right doors, but that goes against everything I’ve taught you about completing bonus objectives! And we’ve come so far already.

Don’t touch the moving walls
If you’ve ever used one of those rotating, automatic doors they have at office buildings you’ll know exactly what’s up.

Don’t use the levers
Yes, the levers make the Guavatron change directions so that you can drag all that stuff across it. Yes, that means you’ll have to drag the stuff across at it spins the opposite way. I don’t make the rules, okay?

Deliver the boxes, avoid the Guavatron
Throw the cardboard boxes across the gap instead of taking them through the Guavatron. There’s a good chance you’ll need to yeet yourself off the edge to get them all the way across, but that’s a sacrifice your bosses are willing to make.

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Take the sheep home
Put the sheep on the truck. What’s it even doing up here? In fact, what kind of a move is this? Who lives up here? I’m starting to get real suspicious of this job.

Don’t use middle fan
I mean seriously. Why is all this junk floating around in space and why are we moving it? Can someone please explain this to me? Oh, right. For this objective don’t jump or float across the center part of the level.

Don’t use the levers
The levers on the right-hand floating islands activate the nearby fans. If you don’t use them, you won’t have any help from the fans but that’s fine! You’ll be fine! Everything is fine!

Float for 10 seconds
You know what? I’m starting to get on board with this whole space thing. Why not take a break and float around on a fan for a while? The easiest one is the little fan near the truck, since it doesn’t switch off. Spaaaaaaace.

Hit a basketball shot
Use the conveniently-placed fan to soar up into the air and chuck a triple-pointer. That’s what they’re called, right? I know sports. Touchgoal!

Sit on the throne
I don’t know the logistics of using a traditional toilet in space. Frankly, I don’t wanna know. The deal is, you gotta get on that dunny near the centre of the level. Just stand on it for a bit, that should do the trick.

Take the printer for a spin
Grab the big ‘ol printer and drag it over onto the spinning platforms in the middle. Probably a good idea to turn off the flaming jets first, though. There’s a difference between copying and burning.

Get squished by the outhouse
During one of the boss’s phases, junk will start raining down from the sky. You’ll want to be standing on the bottom right side of the grassy area to be sufficiently squooshed by the falling outhouse. Not to be confused with my family home, the falling-out house.

Throw something at the Rat King
Lob the most convenient object you can at the Rat King’s stupid robot. If you’re playing alone, you’re gonna have to find the hidden game console and chuck that. Everything else is too heavy for your weak little noodle arms.

Survie 30 seconds with the flaming fists
Once the ‘flaming fists’ phase of the boss starts, you’ve gotta run around on the grass for 30 seconds without getting burned. It doesn’t count if you just hang out on the tiled area, sadly. That would have been way easier!

Aaaand your’e done!

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If you found this tips helpful, why not share them with your friends? If you found them un-helpful, share them with your enemies. That’ll teach ’em!

Written By Kieron Verbrugge

Kieron's been gaming ever since he could first speak the words "Blast Processing" and hasn't lost his love for platformers and JRPGs since. A connoisseur of avant-garde indie experiences and underground cult classics, Kieron is a devout worshipper at the churches of Double Fine and Annapurna Interactive, to drop just a couple of names.


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