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Need For Speed Heat Announced

Cops, cars and customisation

Need for Speed is back baybay! EA has today announced the newest entry into the long running series, Need for Speed Heat, releasing November 8th.

NFS Heat will throw you into Palm City, an open-world metropolis that has attracted racers from across the world to prove they are the best. The crux of Heat will be the duality of night and day. During the day you will take part in Speedhunters Showdown, legal, sanctioned races that will earn you money and other rewards to upgrade your ride. When the sun sets, things will change drastically. Underground races take place at night that will earn you rep among your fellow street racers. The night also brings out a rogue police task force that will stop at nothing to bring you down and ‘confiscate’ your earnings.

NFS Heat promises to bring back in-depth car customisation, an immersive narrative and ‘authentic urban car culture’ (i’m not with it enough to understand what that means). The last Need for Speed game, Payback, tried a few new things but ultimately missed the mark (we gave it a 5). Heat seems to be a return to from for the series that is focusing on what makes the older Need for Speed games so much fun.

The worldwide gameplay reveal for Need for Speed Heat will be shown off at Gamescom on August 19th, so we will get to see more very soon. In the mean time, here is the reveal trailer:

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So are you excited for a new Need for Speed or are you waiting to see more before the hype hits you? Let us know.

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