New Bee Simulator Trailer Shows Off Co-op Gameplay

New Bee Simulator Trailer Shows Off Co-op Gameplay

Bees! It seems like there’s been a worldwide shift in attitude towards the stingy bois from ‘It’s in my car! Kill it!’, to ‘We must save their little fuzzy butts!’

It’s with good reason too; bees are dying and as scary as they can be for those of us that are deathly allergic (hello!), they’re incredibly important to the Earth. This is why we should all encourage and support pro-bee media where we see it!

Enter Bee Simulator, an upcoming adventure and exploration game from Varsav Game Studios S.A. and BigBen Interactive where you play as, you guessed it, a bee. Billed as having a robust single player story, free exploration and split-screen multiplayer for up to four people, there’s a lot to look forward to. It’s the multiplayer that has recently been given the spotlight though, with a new trailer at Gamescom showing off the co-op side of things. It looks positively gorgeous, too. Check it out:

Bee Simulator releases this November 14th for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Save the bees!

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