New Features and Character Revealed For Code Vein

New Features and Character Revealed For Code Vein

Today, the folks over at Bandai Namco revealed information about their upcoming game action-RPG, Code Vein. This information included a new character named Mido.

Mido is a character who, before the Great Collapse, adopted orphans in order to conduct experiments on. These “experiments” were sent out into the battlefields. He used parts of his own body to reinforce the experiments and make himself a superior Revenant.

Mido aside, another detail that was revealed was Combo Drain. This can be executed with a weapon immediately after an enemy attack, like a counter attack. Combo Drain can also be used immediately after a launch attack meaning that the player will be able to hit their opponent with the powerful combo while in the air.

A bunch of weapons were revealed to be available in the game. The one-handed sword which has the special attack of the Sunset Sword. The charged attacks ofBroadsword and Hanemukuro have a strong influence on opponents. The two-handed sword’s special attack, Zweihander, is a far-reaching stab attack, which is executed while the user advances to his opponent. Nagimukuro and Warped Blade are attacks that are characteristic of a two-handed sword due to their great movement.

Lastly, the partner action feature with the characters Mia and Louis. Both characters will allow for new and different opportunities within combat. Both these characters use the Combo Drain is different ways and they will assist the player. When combat has ceased, the partner will watch the surrounding for items and enemies

Code Vein is being developed and published by Bandai Namco for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It currently has a release window of 2018 but no solid release date.

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