NEW Limited Edition God of War Themed PS4 Pro Announced

This generation has been full of limited edition consoles. Recently, for Xbox, we’ve had the limited Project Scorpio Edition of the still relatively new Xbox One X  and just over two months ago we had the limited edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro. This morning Sony added to the vast collection of limited edition consoles by announcing the God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro bundle which will launch alongside the God of War game on April 20th.

Check out the announcement video below

or click here

The bundle includes a 1TB PS4 Pro console which was designed in close collaboration with the developers of the upcoming PS4 exclusive, Santa Monica Studios, a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller and a physical copy of God of War Day One Edition.

If you were looking at just picking up the controller, it will be available by itself for $99.95 AUD.

Both the console and the controller can be preordered with a $50 and $10 deposit, respectively. If you would like to do so, click here.

God of War is set to release on April 20th exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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