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Obsidian’s Pentiment Gets Dated For Its November Launch Window

Mid-November is beginning to bulge

The murder mystery adventure taking place over 25 years, set in medieval Upper Bavaria, Pentiment has finally staked its claim squarely in the middle of November. 

Obsidian has announced that their small yet stylised narrative adventure in the spirit of a point & click game is coming to Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on November 15.

Players will define the backstory of a journeyman artist by the name of Andreas Maler who is investigating a murder that frames a close friend at the Kiersau Abbey, in the town of Tassing. Set during the height of the Catholic Roman Empire’s rule over Germany in the 16th century, players will craft Adreas’ background before navigating relationships with the townsfolk and solving successive murders that occur. The consequences of whom the player accuses will mould the choice-driven narrative. 

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To see more footage of this heavily stylised adventure in motion, stay tuned to Xbox’s streaming channels on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook for more gameplay coming out of Gamescom on Friday 4am AEST (August 26). 

Is Pentiment’s intersection of Christianity and folklore embroiled in a bloody mystery too niche to land on your radar? Let us know on social media.

Written By Nathan Hennessy


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