Origins Is The Newest Update For No Man’s Sky And It Adds In Heaps Of Variation

Origins Is The Newest Update For No Man’s Sky And It Adds In Heaps Of Variation

It’s incredible to see how far No Man’s Sky has come since its release back in 2016. The huge amount of hype leading up to the game’s launch was deflated by a lot of the promised features being nowhere to be seen, but instead of ditching it and moving on, Hello Games got to work making No Man’s Sky the game we all wanted it to be.

A whole host of updates later, the game is in a far better place. Legitimate coop, base building, some semblance of a narrative, mechs, VR support and plenty more, lots of features have been added to make the game worth visiting. Well, it looks like Hello Games are still looking to expand on the experience further.

Announced over on the PlayStation Blog, No Man’s Sky is receiving a free major update titled Origins. This update will see a huge number of new planets appearing across the galaxy. These new planets will feature new creatures, new fauna, new hostile weather systems and plenty of new terrains. There will also be new fauna behaviours, such as creatures that will land and take off again.

Best of all, there will be a brand new race of gigantic, subterranean sandworms that can erupt from underneath your feet before burrowing back into the earth, excellent. You’ll also be able to explore new buildings that offer expanded lore, but those sandworms are the real MVPs here.

The Origins update is hitting PS4, Xbox One and PC today. Give the Origins update trailer a look:

Are you still playing No Man’s Sky? What are you keen to see from the Origins update? Let us know.

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