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Oscar-Nominated Director Neill Blomkamp Is Working On A AAA Multiplayer Shooter

But will Prawns be involved?

Oscar-nominated Hollywood director Neill Blomkamp has joined developer Gunzilla Games as their Chief Visionary Officer. Announced via a press statement, Blompkamp is joining the studio to “define the in-game vision” of a currently in-development AAA multiplayer shooter. There aren’t any firm details about the unannounced project, other than it’s being developed for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Blomkamp is a veteran of the film industry, best known for his directorial works such as District 9, Chappie and Elysium. Each of his films has a strong identity, so the role that he has filled at Gunzilla Games seems like a perfect fit. As part of the press statement, Blomkamp had this to say about his move into the video game industry:

Gunzilla has a strong vision that clearly stands out. With a team of incredible talents and long-time industry veterans, it is creating a new, exciting multiplayer AAA shooter game that pushes the boundaries of gameplay, player freedom, customization options as well as narrative experience within the shooter genre. My own big screen film experience will hopefully help shape new ways of interactive storytelling and next-generation visuals. And by making best use of everything today’s video game development technologies have on offer we will jointly create an immersive experience like we’ve never seen before

The video game medium continues to grow and evolve rapidly, with certain titles toeing the line between traditional gaming experience and an interactive film. Regardless of that, AAA games are becoming more detailed, nuanced and highly produced (just look at The Last of Us Part II as an example) so it seems fair that those in the film industry would be looking to get involved.

Vlad Korolev, CEO and co-founder of Gunzilla Games, had this to say about the announcement:

As Chief Visionary Officer, Neill will be a key member of our team. Adding the perspective of filmmaking to video game development brings interactive entertainment to the next level. We all share the same vision, and Neill is the perfect completion to the narrative and visual art lead roles in our team. We are extremely proud that he is joining us – while we are creating our own universe, some of our inspiration originates in his works. We always hoped we can add a bit of his magic to our game – now this is happening. The team have been working hard on pre-production over the past year – having Neill joining us at this stage is bringing us closer to fulfilling our mission of delivering the next evolution of shooter games

There’s not much to go on just yet, but Blomkamp getting involved in the development in a AA game is enough to get me excited.

Do you enjoy Blomkamp’s films? What do you think of his jump to game development? Let us know.

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