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Our Expert Picks For Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s Post-Launch Playable Characters

Amanda Waller should raid the bottom of the barrel

For all its uproar, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s core concept is neat. Playing as the baddies can make for a fun time, and Rocksteady has handed over the keys to a kingdom of killers by confirming that Suicide Squid will indeed see DLC characters. Heck, they already confirmed the clown prince of crime himself!

So of course WellPlayed’s resident comic dorks, Ash Wayling and Adam Ryan, have revved up the speculation sensation to talk about what other rogues might slip their sinister selves into the Suicide Squad’s party.

The base criteria are simple. In a game where traversal is key, they need a way to navigate Metropolis; so picking peeps who have methods to get around is paramount. Apart from that they just need to be an iconic, villainous presence within the wide universe of DC comics. And with so many names to choose from, why not kick things off with Adam’s initial choice of:


Character: Kite Man

Powers and Abilities: He has a giant kite.

Traversal Gimmick: He. Has. A. Giant. Kite.

Why?: Giant kite. See above.

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Character: Sportsmaster

Powers and Abilities: Go go gym equipment.

Traversal Gimmick: A skateboard…because it’s an Olympic sport.

Why?: Outside of a semi-badarse depiction in the Young Justice animated series, Sportsmaster is always seen as Casey Jones but with a few extra pieces of sporting equipment…and shit. I tell you what though, his large arsenal of javelins, bats, sticks and rackets would make for some fun and varied combat encounters. While the other Squadmates are pew pewing, there you are, lasering a Braniac goon with a discus at long range before grabbing and returning an enemy explosive with a lacrosse stick, all before finishing the encounter off with a melee combo courtesy of a croquet mallet. Go on, tell me that wouldn’t be awesome.

Character: Killer Moth

Powers and Abilities: Well, um, he can, ah, he’s got a cocoon gun?

Traversal Gimmick: Here we go. He has wings and can fly. Well, he can glide. 

Why?: Rocksteady has an intimate understanding of how to make you feel like Batman, having developed the three greatest superhero games of all time. So it would be a shame to let all of that knowledge and skill go to waste if we don’t get a character that resembles the Caped Crusader in terms of gameplay. Seeing as though the Dark Knight is an adversary this time around, let’s go under the cowl of his evil reflection, the man who vows to be the vigilant protector for every crook in Gotham, the fearsome, loathsome, Killer Moth. Real talk, he’s as useless as a paper boat at sea, but the banter between the Squad at his expense would be worth it alone.

Character: Weather Wizard

Powers and Abilities: Complete control over the weather.

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Traversal Gimmick: Zipping around via mini tornadoes.

Why?: Granted his moniker is a bit dorky and he usually kicks around with The Rogues, but Marco Mardon is a powerhouse that shouldn’t be underestimated. Thanks to a wand he picked up by *checks comic* killing his own younger brother, the Weather Wizard can call on lightning, produce devastating hail storms, conjure cyclones, and he could probably even sort out our ridiculous Tassie weather. I’m sure he could still kit himself out with an assault rifle or whatever, but imagine how cool it would be to roll in on a group of Brainiac bots in a tornado, before turning them into piles of ash with a lightning strike. Laugh at his stupid little goatee now.


Character: Codpiece

Powers and Abilities: He has a dick gun.

Traversal Gimmick: Grappling hook (fired from dick gun).

Why?: You don’t need to be 12 years old to identify why this is funny. The dude got offended and built a power suit, resplendent with turgid knob rocketry.

Character: Man-Bat

Powers and Abilities: Echolocation, razor-sharp claws.

Traversal Gimmick: Bat wings, yo.

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Why?: In a game where our main beloved Bat-person is batting (heh) for the other team, we need the presence of another bat-like being. With bestial fury and echolocation, Kirk Langstrom fills a role unlike your average Sui-Squadder – just maybe not in an overtly useful sense. Plus Rocksteady writers can hitch their wagon to the dying Morbius meme for the sake of having a vampire-bat’esque dude to play with. It’s man-batting time.

Character: Condiment King

Powers and Abilities: Condiment guns! Hot sauce packets! Utility belt of assorted garnishes!

Traversal Gimmick: Pressurised ketchup jetpack – a KetchPack, if you will.

Why?: Look, if a guy wants to suit up in spandex and become a mustard-slinging villain, who are we to stop them? It’s a criminally niche corner of…well, crime…so perhaps it is worth further exploration. Plus, we are graphically intensive nowadays to perhaps pull off convincing fluid physics to render the goop guns in all their saucy glory.  

Character: Deathstroke

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, incredible reflexes, martial arts.

Traversal Gimmick: Sick leaps and parkour, rocket boots if he is feeling spicy.

Why?: If I really need to explain why Slade Wilson would be cool to play as, then clearly the person enquiring has never seen any of his media. Dude has stood toe to toe with real Titans within the DC universe and even has one of the coolest boss fights to grace an Arkham game (yes, Origins counts). The guy can essentially use any weapon you can imagine and even has a neato sword that shares his namesake – “The Deathstroke”, which sports the unique ability to cut through nearly anything. He’s also an old bloke with an eyepatch, which is cool by any metric.

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So there you have it, some deadset duplicitous douchebags that are ready to prop up the lifespan of this live service nightmare. With all these villainous legs propping it up, the game can’t possibly fail.

Oh no, we forgot Clock King!

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League releases on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on February 2.

Who would you have joining the Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

Written By Adam Ryan and Ash Wayling




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