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Outriders PC System Requirements And Features Have Been Revealed

Can your PC Enoch over these requirements?

Despite getting a small delay until April, it doesn’t appear that the Outriders train is slowing down. This third-person looter shooter by developer People Can Fly is looking better each time we see it and now the PC crowd will know what to expect from the game when it launches. Announced via a short video package, the PC system requirements and features for Outriders have been outlined.

Some of the announced features include:

  • Native ultra-wide support for those lucky enough
  • Intricate UI customisation options to get that perfect balance of info and sleekness
  • Dynamic resolution scaling for a crisp and clear image
  • NVIDIA DLSS support for a high, consistent frame rate
  • NVIDIA ANSEL support to capture in-game moments
  • Razer Chroma Support to have your entire setup react to in-game moments
  • 13 languages supported
  • The ability to lock and unlock your framerate
  • Full crossplay with all platforms

With all of the cool goodies dealt with, here’s the main course, the system requirements:

It may or may not be obvious, but I’m not the most PC literate member of WellPlayed, so if you’d like to listen to someone explain the ins and outs of these features then feel free to watch the announcement video here:

Outriders is releasing on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on April 1, with a free demo launching on February 25.

Are you keen to play Outriders? Will your rig handle ultra settings? Let us know.

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