Overwatchs’ Newest PVE Event UPRISING Kicks Ass

Overwatchs’ Newest PVE Event UPRISING Kicks Ass

Join a strike team of Overwatch agents—including the newest recruit, Tracer—as they undertake a vital mission to stop an omnic uprising in King’s Row.

Blizzard sure now to take a great concept, and dial it up to 11. Following on from the Junkensteins’ Revenge PVE event from Halloween last year, the magnificent minds of the Overwatch team have taken every fleck of feedback they can muster to create the next iteration of co-operative shooter shenanigans. Uprising tells the tale of Tracer’s first ever mission as part of the Overwatch team, working alongside veteran members Torbjorn, Angela Ziegler (‘Mercy’) and Reinhardt. Together they travel to the London streets of Kings Row to quell an uprising of renegade Omnics, known as Null Sector.

This story is told in spectacular fashion in-game by means of assembling 4 able bodies to act out the scenario, each taking control of one of the Overwatch allstars that were present that fateful day. Couple this with some incredible unique content and voice-over recorded specifically for the game mode, and you have all the ingredients of a great time.

I recorded myself playing a match, filling the shoes of Mercy as the teams medic – check it out below:

Uprising is an amazing example of how Blizzard just continue to raise the bar on themselves when it comes to in-game content for Overwatch. The care and attention that they pour into their newly born Overwatch world is admirable in all ways – sometimes you need to stop and consider that the game really does not have any true form of Story mode, yet you can discern a narrative through in-game content and it’s delivery. On paper, Uprising is essentially a quasi-horde mode – but in practice it paints a beautiful picture of what makes the story of Overwatch so tragic.

Overwatch: UPRISING is available to play right now, but it will end at the start of May. During this time players can unlock all manner of incredible skins and content before it all gets locked away for 12 months – so if you are an Overwatch owner, and you haven’t given it a crack – you probably should get a hussle on.

The uprising isn’t going to quell itself.

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