Patent Filing Hints At SNES Future For The Switch

Patent Filing Hints At SNES Future For The Switch

A patent filing to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today has leaked a juicy tidbit; possible plans for a SNES-shaped controller in the Switches future.

While we don’t get a look at the front of the controller, just the back and the information sticker, the shape of the controller is undeniable. The model number HAC-042 is also visible on the label, with the HAC prefix being used in the past for Switch accessories (e.g. Joycons are HAC-015, Pro Controllers are HAC-013).

Hopefully, this is indicative of SNES games coming to Nintendo’s online offerings based on Nintendo’s previous controller initiative, the NES joycons for owners of Nintendo Switch Online.

If you want to check out the patent out for yourself you can see all the details here.

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