Persona 5 Is Still On Track For It’s 2015 Release

Persona 5 Is Still On Track For It’s 2015 Release

The highly anticpated JRPG from Atlus Persona 5 is still very much on track for a release this year, both in Japan and a localised version for Western audiences.

News on the game has been somewhat scarce over the past few months leading us to believe that its development may have been pushing its final release until later than expected.

The news has been confirmed by an Atlus PR on the NeoGAF forums. So rest easy Senpai, we don’t have much longer to wait.

The game had a new trailer release last month (but only in Japan) However, the trailer is available on the upcoming PS Vita title Persona 4: Dancing All Night. 

Some screenshots showcasing the trailer have also been revealed showing us the new characters and battle system.

Persona 5 will release on PS4 and PS3 this year.

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