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Pokemon Sword And Shield News – Galarian Forms, Poke Jobs, A Hangry-mon And Team Yell

A form-filled update

The Pokémon Company teased a few days ago that new Pokémon Sword and Shield information was inbound, and tonight dropped a new two minute trailer!

First off, wow! Galarian Forms! Did not see that coming. We got to see Galarian Weezing (Poison/Fairy), Galarian Zigagoon (Dark/Normal), Galarian Linoone (Dark/Normal) which surprisingly evolves into a new badger-like Pokémon Obstagoon (Dark/Normal).

They also show a new form-changing, Morpeko, the two-sided Pokémon. A very Pikachu-esqe hamster. In ‘Full Belly Mode’ it’s an Electric/Dark type, a happy little hamster, but in ‘Hangry Mode’ he turns purple with evil eyes and the Aura Wheel Move changes from electric to dark type.

Two new rivals also got announced: Bede, a prematurely grey trainer who sports a Duosion and Marnie a rocker chick who has the newly announced Morpeko. Both of these trainers want to become Champion and both have secret agendas.

They also announced Team Yell who are Marnie’s ‘Wild Fans’ and are a group of troublemakers out to get in your way wherever the Gym Challenge takes you. They look like rock and roll fans, decked out in black and pink with lots of spikes and face paint.

A new feature called Poké Jobs was also announced. People in the Galar region, including corporations and universities, request the help of Pokémon through Poké Jobs. Doing jobs gives experience as well as some rare items.

Check out the trailer here if you missed it. The Japanese version of the trailer also showed off some additional footage.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are out on Nintendo Switch on November 15.

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