Prif Playsonic 3 Headset Review

Prif Playsonic 3 Headset Review

Everyone is pretty familiar with gaming headsets and when we discuss which ones are the best it inevitably leads to just a couple of brands. I don’t think anyone would argue against Astro A50, Razer ManO’War or Turtle Beach Elite Pro headsets being some of the best. The problem with these headsets is their price is not only linked to the quality, but often you’re paying for the brand as well. Not everyone is a hardcore gamer and for those that aren’t spending upwards of $100 on a gaming headset isn’t very appealing. A company that is fairly new to the scene and understands that not everyone can fork out hundreds for a headset is Prif™. Whilst they are new to the scene the team behind the company has quite a bit of experience in the gaming industry, having worked at Sega, Nintendo and with other accessories brands. Prif’s plan is to become a major player in the video game accessories market with real gamers in mind when creating their products. So with that all said the guys over at Prif were nice enough to send me a Playsonic 3 headset to review.


  • Built-in battery delivers bass boost and crisp treble highs.
  • Unidirectional mic that captures voice signals and eliminates clutter.
  • Interchangeable and removable boom mic.
  • Sleek inline controls for volume and mute.
  • Includes 1.2 m audio extension cable for PC gamers.
  • Can still operate as a passive headset for leisure use when the battery is not in use.


The first thing you notice with the box is that it’s compact and not too heavy. Inside it’s just the basics but what else do you really need right? The headset itself looks fantastic; it’s got some shiny bits, some black bit and some red bits and you’ll it has plenty of padding put onto the set too. The cups have a thick layer of black cushioning and the band cushioning is red. The contrast of black and red has always been a favourite of mine and the added bling on the outside of the cups makes it look really classy. The design is solid for the most part but the rotation of the cups is at times infuriating. For reasons unknown they can actually rotate so they are facing outwards and initially putting them on can be a challenge just to try and figure out which way you have to rotate them – A minor but very annoying issue. The microphone is detachable and can be placed on either side for personal preference which is a nice touch.

The headset is one of the most comfortable I have worn but does tend to provide me some discomfort after prolonged use of about an hour or more. After some careful measuring of my ear size against my wife’s I put that discomfort down to the fact that my ears stick out more than most people. The cushion on the head band is think and delicious and the cups have a great amount of padding.


Now on to the most important part of the review: sound quality. The sound is clear and crisp with the right amount of equalisation and the headset works really well as a standard pair of headphones. I could honestly use this headset for anything and be sure that the sound quality would be up to the task. The microphone, whilst needing to be quite close to your mouth, will make your voice sound delicious and clear and I really didn’t encounter any issues with either the sound quality or the quality of my voice over hours of gameplay. The issue I found with this headset was that the cups are so thick it’s very hard to hear yourself talking while wearing the headset. It’s not a major issue but I like to be able to hear myself talking and it really just threw my game off (that’s my excuse anyway). I’ve resorted to having one ear out of the cup to make it feel a little more normal. Another thing I discovered is that the headset is amplified and when it’s out of charge and you turn the power on you won’t be able to hear anything. Again, not a huge issue, just switch the power off and it will go back to passive mode and you will be able to hear again.

Final thoughts

Overall I found the Playsonic 3 to be a solid, high quality headset that only presented minor issues that aren’t deal breaking. The sound quality is extremely good, it looks awesome and it’s very comfortable. At the time of writing you can pick one up from JB Hifi for $79 which is an absolute steal for what you’re getting.

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