Protect Your Precious Acorns In The Upcoming Party Game Save Your Nuts

Protect Your Precious Acorns In The Upcoming Party Game Save Your Nuts

I’m and absolute sucker for party games. Gang Beast, Rocket League, Jackbox and Nidhogg are just a few that are on my constant rotation when friends drop by (when they were able to that is).

That’s why I always have my eye out for a new game that I can play while sitting on my couch with some mates, as there are only so many times I can dominate at Mario Kart (yes I do win constantly, don’t you dare say otherwise).

That’s why interest has been piqued by the upcoming party game from Canadian-based developer Triple Scale Games, Save Your Nuts. With similarities to Rocket League, Save Your Nuts sees you and your mates take control of common vermin (common in the US) such as dogs, cats, racoons and beavers, as you attempt to secure an acorn for your team while fending off the opposition.

Very inclusively, Save Your Nuts supports up to eight players, with local and online options as well as AI-controlled opponents available too. Three game modes, ten unique areas, power-ups and character customisation are all present, giving you plenty to do.

Save Your Nuts will be launching on Xbox One, Switch and PC on April 16, 2020. If you are keen on the concept there is a free demo available now on Steam.

Are you a fan of party games like I am? Will you be giving Save Your Nuts a go? Let me know.

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