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Rocket League Is Getting A Gridiron LTM Leading Up To The Super Bowl

Get the pigskin ready

NFL, where guys in helmets and a bunch of armour throw balls and touch downs. Ok, so I might not know a great deal about American Football, but I know plenty about Rocket League. In the lead up to Super Bowl LV, Psyonix are introducing a new limited-time mode called Gridiron. This 4v4 mode will mimic the rules of its namesake and sounds like it will be an absolute blast. Players will be able to access this mode between February 2-8, ending the day of Super Bowl LV.  Here’s the rundown:

  • The standard ball will be replaced with an American football
  • Contact with the ball will attach it to that player’s roof
  • The ball will be transferred to any other player upon contact
  • The player in possession of the ball can jump once; double jumping will drop the ball
  • 7 points are scored by driving the ball into the opponent’s goal, with 3 points earned if it bounces in without being attached to a player (own goals count as 3 pointers)
  • If you stray out of bounds you will fumble and drop the ball

This mode sounds like absolute chaos and I can’t wait to jump in. With the ball attaching to the car’s roof and transferring with contact, there will be plenty of passing and strategy on the field, or I’ll just flail around and hope for the best, we’ll see.

Are you a fan of the NFL? What about this Rocket League LTM? Let us know.

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