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Ryzen 3000 CPUs Currently Don’t Work With Destiny 2

Maybe hold off on that new CPU until Bungie fixes the issue

The highly anticipated 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs launched yesterday and tech reviews coming out show that AMD are really giving Intel a battering by either closing the gap or gaining a lead on Team Blue. GamersNexus’ review of the Ryzen 5 3600 demonstrated its strengths and wekanesses excellently and ends with a glowing recommendation of the 6 core/12 thread CPU due to its reliability and price-to-performance. However, it seems that the launch of the new CPU line has not gone without a hitch, with PC Destiny 2 players finding Bungie’s shared-world shooter unplayable with any of the 3000 series CPUs installed.

Players took to both the Bungie forums and Reddit to voice their complaints and issues regarding the game and their new CPUs. The issue seems isolated, as other games on the Battlenet launcher appear to be unaffected. Naturally, Bungie have stated they are investigating the issue and it should (hopefully) be fixed soon.

According to user PrBPickles, the game will not launch until Bungie patches it. PrBPickles details what the symptoms of this issue are:

When you launch Destiny 2 from Battlenet, it will say it is launched but nothing happens. Upon looking at task manager, Destiny 2 will stay inside of Battlenet process, use about 10-17% cpu, about 158.2MBs then after abotu 5-10 minutes reduce to 128MB. No network usage, no disk usage. Just hangs. – PrBPickles via

Judging by the looks of it, the issue isn’t the CPUs’ fault, but instead Bungie might not have made proper optimisations for the Ryzen CPUs, as that the new line more or less operates the same as first and second geneartion Ryzen in terms of code optimisations. It’s actually a good thing that this was caught now, as the fix will trickle down for next-gen console versions of the game.

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