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Sigma, The 31st Overwatch Hero Is Now Live On The PTR

One of the coolest additions to the hero roster to date

Blizzard have just dropped hero 31 and our latest main tank (that the game was quite honestly begging for) in the form of Sigma, into the PC public test region before he unleashes into the main live game.

By all accounts so far, old mate could be a game changer alongside the upcoming Role Queue adjustments that the Overwatch team set out to help combat a stagnant professional level play meta (also known as GOATS). The latest hero is one of the most interesting ones to date, featuring a brilliant astrophysicist Siebren de Kuiper who took his experiments a little too far one day and is now a walking death machine like something who has walked straight off of an episode of Legion.

His full kit is as follows:

  • Hyper Spheres – Sigma launches two gravitic charges, which implode after a short duration, dealing damage in an area.
  • Experimental Barrier – Sigma propels a floating barrier to a location of his choosing. He can recall the barrier at any time.
  • Kinetic Grasp – Sigma stops incoming projectiles in mid-air, converting them into shields.
  • Accretion – Sigma gathers a mass of debris and flings it at an enemy to knock them down.
  • Gravitic Flux (Ultimate) – Sigma manipulates gravity to lift nearby enemies into the air and slam them back down.

Sigma is available to try out right now on PC via the Blizzard launcher.

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Written By Trent Saunders

Although he has been gaming since the Sega Mega Drive launched in 1990, he still sucks at most games. When not being trash he watches French horror films, drinks herbal tea and secretly loves the music of Taylor Swift.


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