So, Uh, Nintendo Labo VR Is Actually A Thing

So, Uh, Nintendo Labo VR Is Actually A Thing

In “surprising, not totally unexpected, but still fucking weird” news today, Nintendo have officially unveiled the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, coming this April 12.

That’s right, in a move that leaves Xbox One owners as the last remaining group of ‘flat’ gamers, the Nintendo Switch is getting its own VR headset… kinda. As is to be expected, the whole thing looks just like a glorified Google Cardboard system, taking Nintendo’s genius Labo framework and merging it with simple VR implementation.

The kit itself comes in two configurations, the Starter + Blaster Kit that includes the basic ‘VR Goggle’ and ‘Blaster’ Labo designs, and the complete kit that comes with six models, including things like the ‘Elephant’ and ‘Camera’. The extra four models will also be available separately in some fashion.

The Starter + Blaster Kit will set punters back $59.95AUD, while the Complete Kit carries an RRP of $119.95AUD. Expansions containing the models not included in the Starter Kit will go for $29.95AUD each.

The Starter + Blaster Kit, RRP $59.95AUD

The Complete Kit, RRP $119.95 AUD

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