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Sony Unveils New PlayStation Studios Branding

Boy do I love a logo

Sony may be keeping PlayStation 5 details close to their chest, but it hasn’t stopped them from today revealing the branding for PlayStation Studios.

This branding serves to inform customers that the game they are playing has come from a PlayStation first-party studio, and it will feature in all PS5 first-party game releases (and presumably somewhere on the game box art).

The new logo, which was revealed in a video highlighting the PlayStation Studios opening animation shows numerous big PlayStation franchises such as Uncharted, The Last of Us and Spider-Man displayed within the iconic PlayStation face buttons, before unveiling a simplistic yet pretty PlayStation Studios logo.

I can’t help but be reminded of the Marvel opening cinematic when watching it, but it did undoubtedly hype me up.

You can watch the reveal below:


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Written By Dylan Blereau

Dylan is an avid gamer on all systems and believes that console wars are dumb. He owns over 60 amiibo however, which is a bit of an issue. You can find him on PSN @PlushyPants49 and Twitter @GrumpyGoron


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