Sort Out That Christmas Shopping With Do You Even Game Bro?

Sort Out That Christmas Shopping With Do You Even Game Bro?

Once again that time of year has rolled around in which we gather with our loved ones to share in all the fun stuff Christmas has to offer: Stuffing our faces with glorious food, watching little Timmy cry because his Santa stocking is filled with socks and not Lego, laughing at Grandpa snore on the patio all afternoon with a crappy pink cracker hat on. We have all been there… It is also a time of crying into our wallets after the inevitable present splurge. But, it doesn’t have to be all that bad. This is Christmas after all! A time of joy and love so stop crying and get giving, it’s what Jesus would have wanted.

Below is a list of cool gifts we have compiled to help on that quest to give but not feel depressed all holiday as you eat that ninth packet of 2-minute noodles.

Looking for non-gaming related stuff? Well we ain’t gonna be much help being a gaming site and all..




Kids are the hardest ones to buy for sometimes, especially in a world filled with so much cool shit (I used to be content with my train set and a pogo stick- thanks Dad). Kids love gaming these days and are more often than not better than adults at Call of Duty (Parental advice: Do not buy your little ones Call of Duty- bad parenting!). Below are some much better suited things for the little tackers to enjoy.

Skylanders SuperChargers (RRP $99.95) and Guitar Hero Live (RRP $149.99)

These titles are perfect gift ideas for family or friends. They’re also ideal for parties over the festive period to entertain competitive guests who love racing or rocking out.

Available @ TARGET Australia.


Nintendo Wii U Premium Mario Maker Console (RRP $399) .. Also for big kids.

The Wii U Premium Pack contains a black Wii U console and Wii U GamePad, and with 32GB of internal storage provides more space for downloadable digital content. The Premium Pack also contains a stand for the GamePad and console, a charging cradle for the GamePad and a sensor bar. The Wii U Premium Pack also features an HDMI cable and AC adapters for console and GamePad.

Discover an exciting new way to enjoy home entertainment with Wii U, Nintendo’s next home console. With a revolutionary new touch screen controller, precision motion controls, and full HD graphics, a whole new world of play styles and gaming possibilities is on the horizon. The time is coming to truly expand your idea about what a game console is—and can be.

In addition to introducing new ways to play, Wii U also offers users a variety of non-gaming features to enhance the overall experience.

Available @ TARGET Australia.



Maybe the big kids (adults) are even harder to buy for as sometimes you don’t even know if they already own what you are buying them (ProTip: keep receipts and/or ask them first) 

For the initiated gamer, buying cool stuff for a fellow gamer is easy but for the crowd who has better things to do and doesn’t quite know an Xbox from a PS4 then this list is for you!

Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle (RRP $499)

Fallout 4 is one of the biggest games of the year so why not get the best of both worlds by grabbing the game AND a console to play it on! The deal bundle also includes a download code for the previous entry in the series Fallout 3. Both games are guaranteed to make the recipient of said gift never leave the house for months on end!

The Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle includes:

  • 1TB Xbox One console
  • Xbox One wireless controller
  • Fallout 4 full game download
  • Fallout 3 full game download, now playable on Xbox One
  • 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial


Available @ HARVEY NORMAN Australia


Playstation 4 Star Wars 1TB Battlefront Console (RRP $599)

It’s mother-flippin’ STAR WARS for starters (and he/she who isn’t a fan doesn’t deserve Christmas), but the bundle also includes the very first titles that show off the impressive PS2 emulation capabilities that the PS4 can now do (trust us, they look impressive).

This Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 Bundle will immerse you in the epic Star Wars battles you’ve always dreamed of and let you create new heroic moments of your own on the world’s most popular next gen gaming system. Featuring a fully customized PlayStation 4 console and DualShock 4 wireless controller inspired by Darth Vader, there’s no better place for the ultimate Star Wars fan to live out their Star Wars battle fantasies.

This Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront bundle also includes a voucher containing 4 Star Wars Classics – Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars Bounty Hunter. The Force Is Strong With PlayStation.

Available @ TARGET Australia.


GripIT Thumbstick Covers (RRP: $5 – $25)

Xbox One and PS4 controllers can be notorious for losing that grip and sheen on the thumbsticks.. But the strapping peeps @ GripIT Australia have devised a plan to counter the effects of that inevitable controller abuse that is brought on by those long sessions in front of the TV killing noobs.

Our very own Zach recently reviewed these awesome gizmos and was very impressed with the results..

“..Would I recommend the Grip-iTs? I most certainly would. In fact I’ve become so accustomed to them that I don’t use a controller without them. They come in a range of colours (black, blue, green, purple etc.) so you can pimp your thumb sticks to suit your style, and you can score yourself a four pack for just $12.75 AUD with free delivery. With Christmas just under a month away, they make a great little stocking filler for your partner or child, and you could also give them as a Kris Kringle gift.

At the end of the day, they are a great little accessory that enhances your gaming, purely because, not only do they improve your handling, but they also serve as peace of mind – no longer do you have to worry about the skin around your thumb sticks tearing.

If you wish to get your thumbs on some Grip-iTs, you can purchase them from their online store here. Thanks to the kind people at Grip-iT Australia, if you enter the discount code ‘DYEGB’ at checkout you’ll save yourself a further 10%..”

Grab your set Via the GripIT store.




What Not To Buy:

Only one item makes the list of what not to buy this year simply because we have heard it so much in shopping centres, at Grandma’s house and in our nightmares.

Michael Buble – Christmas (RRP $25)



Just don’t do it.


Looking for games? Well a hell of a lot of great stuff is out right now and we have found the most competitive (for the largest selection) would be JB HIFI. They also have awesome trade in value for old games you may no longer be playing.

The best piece of advice however if in doubt? .. BUY A VOUCHER!  It is a fool proof method that any gamer will be more than happy with to buy the stuff that they want.

Have a very Merry Christmas from the team at Do You Even Game Bro?!






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