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Stewart Copeland May Be Involved In The Spyro Reignited Soundtrack After All

Play it again, Stewart

Sometimes, life throws you a bone and calls you a good boy.

Any fan of the original Spyro trilogy rates their soundtracks fairly highly. I personally rate the first game’s score as one of my favourite collections of music, video game music or not. Stewart Copeland, former drummer for The Police, was the one behind these delightful ditties. So, to see him absent from the upcoming Reignited Trilogy was discouraging especially when the remade OSTs proved lackluster.

However, in anticipation of this week’s Spyro panel at San Diego Comic Con (that Copeland himself will be attending), the official Spyro Twitter account tweeted this:

There, in that tiny studio, is Copeland in all his glory – working hard or hardly working. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that his involvement would be one of the bits of news we’ve been told to expect at the SDCC panel.

Look, even if he only provides a supervising role I’d be a happy lil’ man. I really do have strong feelings about Spyro’s music, and any step that Reignited Trilogy developer Toys For Bob can take in making it as great as it can be is a huge step forward. I maintain that the remade music will never dream of holding a candle to Copeland’s original tunes, but here’s hoping we get something special anyway.

You can check out the most recently released gameplay for the Reignited Trilogy below:

Story sourced from Playstation Lifestyle

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