Stunning Cover Art for Kingdom Hearts III Revealed

Stunning Cover Art for Kingdom Hearts III Revealed

The Tokyo Game Show 2018 hype machine continues to bear sweet, needle-free fruit this week as Square Enix has treated Kingdom Hearts fans the world over to a look at the official box art for Kingdom Hearts III.

Designed by series producer Tetsuya Nomura, the artwork features iconic series characters perched up high over a city, in a scene very reminiscent of the original box art for Kingdom Hearts. On top of being a refreshing choice of cover in comparison to the market-tested crap that most publishers slap on their AAA titles these days, the image also gives us a good idea of which characters we can expect to see featured prominently in the game.

Square Enix also took the opportunity to release an extended version of the recent Japanese trailer featuring Big Hero 6, and it contains a hefty amount of cool new gameplay tidbits for fans to pore over until the next one. Check out that trailer, as well as the new artwork in full (including a version with no logos, hello new phone background!) below:

Kingdom Hearts III launches on January 29, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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