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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Delayed Once Again After Negative Response

Brainiac’s invasion will need to wait a little longer

An update via Jason Schreier of Bloomberg announces news that Warner Bros. has again delayed Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League once again, shortly after it’s middling response at the PlayStation State Of Play.

Many criticisms were levelled against the gameplay reveal, with concerns ranging from the same-y nature of gameplay across each unique villainous character; to the abundance of “shooting purple weak points”. According to the report however, this delay is to facilitate the fixing of additional bugs and to “improve aspects of the game that were lagging behind”, and will not overhaul much of the core gameplay that had led to the backlash.

This has moved the release of the title from May 26, to an undetermined date later this year.

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Shoutout to Bloomberg.

Written By Ash Wayling

Known throughout the interwebs simply as M0D3Rn, Ash is bad at video games. An old guard gamer who suffers from being generally opinionated, it comes as no surprise that he is both brutally loyal and yet, fiercely whimsical about all things electronic. On occasion will make a youtube video that actually gets views. Follow him on YouTube @Bad at Video Games


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