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The Hype Train – Dying Light: The Following

Taylor shares his excitement for Dying Light’s next instalment

The next installment of DLC for Dying Light is almost upon us. It’s almost been a year since the original release and we’ve seen two smaller expansions (The Bozak Horde and Cuisine and Cargo) in that time, but Dying Light: The Following promises to be absolutely huge in terms of juicy new content, and I’m definitely excited to see what Techland have in store for us.

Dying light TF pic

It’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll

The new content promises to continue Kyle Crane’s story, and for the first time you’ll venture outside the quarantine zone of Harran. Outside the quarantine zone you’ll of course encounter plenty of zombies, but you’ll also come across a powerful cult of survivors whose mysteriousness is only matched by their disdain for authority. To uncover the mysteries and secrets of the cult you will need to earn their trust by doing various missions and tasks for them. The more you do for them the more they will trust you, giving you access to tougher missions with better rewards. While Dying Light’s story wasn’t exactly its strongest point, the story concept for the expansion sounds intriguing enough.

DL TF Pic 2

Get your engines ready

The new expansion will encompass a huge new area (the map is reportedly the size of all the original Dying Light maps combined) filled with new characters, quests and hidden secrets to sink your teeth into (pun intended). To traverse the larger map you’ll have the aid of all-terrain dirt buggies which are fully customisable with weapons, attachments, decals and paint jobs. This is as cool as it sounds (check out the vid below), and you and your friends will able to roam the zombie-infested expanses together, mowing down the hapless undead with reckless abandon and most importantly look good while doing it. With the new vehicles comes the new Driver rank skill tree, but no word as to what skills specifically you will be able to perform as of yet.

Personally, I’m most excited about exploring the new maps with friends in the dirt buggies. The degree of depth in upgrading and customising your personal death wagon looks very enticing indeed. Dying Light: The Following will be parkouring its way to a current-gen console or PC near you February 9th. Owners of the Dying Light Season Pass will get The Following as part of that, or it can be purchased via the usual avenues. If you’re still not convinced check out the reveal trailer and 15-minutes of gameplay from the developers below:

What’s got you excited about this title? Let us know below!

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