The Next Arkham Game Gotham Knights Is Announced At DC FanDome

The Next Arkham Game Gotham Knights Is Announced At DC FanDome

With the world adjusting to social distancing, we’ve seen a number of different conventions and events transform from physical to digital experiences. One such virtual Con is DC’s FanDome, a multi-day event that’s filled with new trailers, panels and reveals from all of the movies, comics and, of course, games that the comic giant has in the works.

Two game-related reveals are scheduled for FanDome, the first of which being WB Montreal’s new game. After rumours, speculation and everything in between, we now finally know that the Arkham Origins developers are working on Gotham Knights.

Spoiler Alert for Batman: Arkham Knight: Directly following on from Bruce Wayne’s apparent death at the end of Arkham Knight, Gotham Knights pits players as four members of the Bat-Family, including Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing (my boy) and Red Hood as they fill the void left by the World’s Greatest Detective.

The rumours were true surrounding the game’s primary antagonists. During the reveal trailer, we got a cheeky look at the Court of Owls, an underground secret society that runs Gotham from the shadows. Not only did we see a member of the Court with their white owl mask, but we also saw their ninja muscle Talon who, in the comics, is more than a physical match for the Caped Crusader.

After the badarse reveal trailer, we got a snippet of gameplay featuring Batgirl and Robin heading to take down Mr Freeze. This sequence showed that players will be able to drive vehicles (the Bat Cycle at the very least) either around the map or during setpieces. We, of course, got a look at some classic Arkham-style combat too, as Batgirl put the smackdown on a group of thugs.

As Batgirl and Robin move into Freeze’s lair, things start to get interesting. Changing perspective from one character to the other, we get confirmation that the game can be played in its entirety in both singleplayer and two-player co-op. We’re also shown that there will be a progression system in place that allows you to level your character and unlock new abilities, with enemies growing stronger as you do.

At the time of writing the Gotham Knights site hasn’t gone live yet, so further details are still a little scarce, but I for one am very keen to fight crime with a friend. We didn’t get specific console confirmations, but with a release window of 2021 given, it would be safe to assume that this will be dropping on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC at the very least.

For know, give the seven-minute gameplay walkthrough a watch for yourself:

What do you think of Gotham Knights? Are you a fan of a co-op Arkham game? Let us know.

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