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There’s A Gran Turismo Movie Coming And David Harbour Is Joining It

Stranger things, indeed

Amongst all the video game related news of the past week, Sony has dropped some new details on the upcoming Gran Turismo movie with confirmation of its key cast members. Yes, you read that right, there’s a Gran Turismo movie in the works, and David Harbour of Stranger Things and Black Widow fame is all ready to take the wheel. Well, sort of.

Harbour will be playing an as yet unnamed mentor character to fellow actor Archie Madekwe’s teen driver, whose dream’s of becoming a top class racer will lead down a path to meeting Harbour’s retired driver. If all that sounds outlandish, it’s apparently based on a real life Gran Turismo player who turned pro following a successful transition from online tournaments to the real thing, so Need for Speed this ain’t. The movie is slated for release August 11, 2023 and will be directed by the man behind the sci-fi classic District 9, Neill Blomkamp.

Video game movie adaptions have had a rough track record in the past (Double Dragon, anyone?) though recent attempts like Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu have found solid success. Of late, Sony has been doubling down on leveraging its IP’s across multiple mediums, with the recent Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland and the upcoming The Last of Us series with HBO, with other adaptions including Twisted Metal, God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Ghost of Tsushima in various stages of development.

Did any of that pique your interest? What other Sony IP’s that aren’t at all obvious for a big screen translation would you like to see and why is it Ape Escape? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials.

Written By Mark Isaacson

Known on the internet as Kartanym, Mark has been in and out of the gaming scene since what feels like forever, growing up on Nintendo and evolving through the advent of PC first person shooters, PlayStation and virtual reality. He'll try anything at least once and considers himself the one true king of Tetris by politely ignoring the world records.




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