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This Biomutant Explanation Trailer Delves Into Exactly What The Game Is

Not long to wait now

We here at WellPlayed have covered Biomutant for quite some time now, with the most recent news articles focusing on the combat and game world trailers that have been giving us snippets of what to expect from the game. Despite this coverage, you could be forgiven for not fully understanding just what Biomutant is and what you can expect to be doing when you boot up the game, as it’s a bright, creative and funky title that has a lot going on.

Luckily, publisher THQ Nordic and developer Experiment 101 are here to clear up any confusion before the game’s May 25 release date with an Explanation Trailer that highlights the many working parts within Biomutant. The game’s Creative Director, Stefan Ljungqvist, begins by stating that the open-world action RPG draws inspiration from Devil May Cry, the Batman: Arkham series, Breath of the Wild and Ratchet and Clank, so straight off the bat you can get a strange feel for how the game will play.

The trailer goes on to show the insane character customisation that combines stat boosts with cosmetic changes, resulting in some truly mental character creatures. We also get a good look at the kung-fu combat, the unique weapons, the in-game factions, the game world and the morality system that will alter the ending of the game. If you’re still unsure about just what Biomutant is, watching this trailer is an excellent way to clear up any confusion. Give it a watch for yourself:

Biomutnant releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 25, 2021.

Are you excited for the launch of Biomutant? Did this trailer clear up any confusion you had? Let us know.

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Written By Adam Ryan

Adam's undying love for all things PlayStation can only be rivalled by his obsession with vacuuming. Whether it's a Dyson or a DualShock in hand you can guarantee he has a passion for it. PSN: TheVacuumVandal XBL: VacuumVandal Steam: TheVacuumVandal


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