Those Damn Fallout 76 Canvas Bags Finally Arrived

Those Damn Fallout 76 Canvas Bags Finally Arrived

Elephant memoried readers will no doubt be familiar with the many controversies surrounding Bethesda’s magnum opus of crap Fallout 76. One of the more egregious examples of the game’s checkered release was its very expensive Collecter’s Edition. Specifically, a bag that was to be of the highest quality: A cool-looking West Tek canvas bag to lug whatever you damn well wanted wherever you damn well pleased – military style!

However, it was the worst example of false advertising than Lionel Hutz’s lawsuit against the film The Neverending Story:

(Image courtesy of Uproxx)

Now, seven months later, Bethesda has finally sent out the bag that was promised. Posts across the Internet have let out a relieved sigh that we can finally move on with our lives, but others have revealed that the compensation bag is in fact still quite iffy. With the E3 promises of NPC characters and dialogue (Wow! Such incredible features!), Fallout 76 is set to finally close a page of its history that we pray is never opened again.

But this is Bethesda we’re talking about, so they’re probably writing a new tragedy to rival The Bard right now.

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