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TimeSplitters Rewind Update Includes Release Info

If only the Splitters would lend us a crystal to speed up proceedings

If you aren’t aware of it’s existence, TimeSplitters Rewind is a fan-made project that looks to bring all of the best multiplayer and arcade portions of the first 3 games into the present day (with the story modes following at a later date). At face value it may look like the originals just with a fresh coat of paint, but Rewind is being created from the ground up by the dev team, as per their agreement made with then owners of the IP, Crytek. We had heard very little about the project since March of 2019, until a tease was posted to their socials on January 6:

Earlier today, the Rewind Team released a video update focusing on the progress that has been made over the last few months, as well as a change to their release strategy. The majority of the video consists of the progress made to maps. Classic maps like Tomb, Docks and Chemical plant are in the early stages of development and are without art rendering, while other maps, such as the absolute pearler from TimeSplitters 2, Chinese, are fully realized and are looking mint. Also thrown in is a cheeky look at a level from the story mode of the first game, with confirmation that the story is now in a working condition, though far from complete.

In relation to release info, the Rewind Team announced their intention to release the game with less content than previously stated in order to get product into the hands of fans sooner, with the idea that updates and further releases would add in the missing levels and features. The team also address that the acquisition of the IP by THQ Nordic hasn’t affected development, but also acknowledged that it could in the future, giving more reason to minimize content for a quicker launch.

No date or release window was given, though this update does show that progress in being made. The full video update is below:

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What are your thoughts on TimeSplitters Rewind? Are you glad to see that it is still cooking? Or has the long wait tempered your excitement? Let us know.

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