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Troy Baker Is Playing The Medium’s Very Unsettling Monster, The Maw

The Man, The Maw

As WellPlayed’s resident Bloober Team fanboy, I’ve already got a couple of good reasons to be excited about the next generation of gaming consoles. For one, the excellent Observer is getting a souped-up new edition called Observer: System Redux. But even more exciting than that is the studio’s brand new title coming to Xbox Series X and PC this year.

We’ve been getting some decent glimpses into the game and its dual-reality psychological horror trappings since its initial announcement, but the surprises keep coming with the reveal at this year’s Gamescom 2020 event that the game will feature none other than Troy Baker as its creepy, otherworldly entity the Maw.

Speaking to IGN, Baker details how he came to be in the role as well as going into small amounts of detail about what the being is and how it was brought to life. Long story short – it sounds creepy as fuck. Baker drops a few juicy tidbits around the Maw and its physiology, revealing that it exists outside of gender and that performance capture was done on stilts. Adding to that already-unsettling image, Baker was also kind enough to demonstrate a little of how the Maw sounds and oh boy.

The whole interview is worth a watch/listen so check it out below:

The Medium is slated to releases in late 2020 for Xbox Series X and PC.

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