Webbed Is An Aussie-Made Puzzle-Platformer Where You Play As A Cute Jumping Spider

Webbed Is An Aussie-Made Puzzle-Platformer Where You Play As A Cute Jumping Spider

For a lot of people spiders are a common source of terror, with the eight-legged critters often requiring backup to remove from the premise they’re invading. Some, however, are so tiny that you can’t help but find them cute. One of those cute spiders is the jumping spider, a breed commonly found in gardens all over the world. And now, Brisbane-based video game developer Sbug Games is putting you in control of all eight feet and four eyes of a jumping spider in their upcoming 2D puzzle-platformer Webbed.

In Webbed, players are on an adventure to save their spider boyfriend while making friends with bugs along the way. Players will need to master the art of spinning webs, with your web the key to unlocking your path forward. Not only does it looks and sounds amazing, but it also looks like it’ll have more than a few challenging moments when it hits Steam in 2021.

While the project’s existence is nothing new, the game now has a title, trailer (you can view below) and a Steam page. Riley Neville, the developer behind the moniker Sbug Games, recently shared the news in a tweet, where he also confirmed the game would feature an arachnophobia mode that turns our cute spider into a friendly blob of sorts yet to be decided, and that Webbed may hit additional platforms depending on the level of interest after the PC launch.

Check out the game’s announcement trailer below:

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