World of Warcraft – Arena World Championship 2017: Overview

World of Warcraft esports is levelling up! This year we’re bringing players more ways to participate, more teams, and more live action for everyone watching at home! 2017 will see three teams from Australia and New Zealand qualify for the Asia Pacific Regionals, so read on for an overview of the exciting changes we’re making to the WoW Arena World Championships.

More Teams, More Action!

This year, there’ll be more opportunities for teams to prove their prowess on the world stage:

·         Extra qualifier cups in North America and Europe, giving more teams the chance to shine

·         Open signups: players don’t need an Arena rating to enter

·         The top eight teams will be broadcast live, giving them the chance to show off their epic skills, and the audience a great reason to cheer on the teams they’re passionate about

·         $6000 AUD prize pool for the ANZ Cup 

Points Win Prizes: How to Qualify

To advance, teams can earn points through a variety of events:

·         Online Arena Cups award points to the top teams, so the teams with the most points qualify for their regional LAN event

·         Teams can sign up to compete in as many cups in their region as they like

·         Approved community-run events can also award points

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