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Xbox Series X/S Storage Expansion Cards Are Available To Pre-Order And They Ain’t Cheap

Pricey but practical

With games getting bigger and bigger in storage size and consoles shipping with max of 1TB of internal storage, external storage devices are a godsend for players looking to increase their library without having to uninstall and redownload games constantly. Next-gen is no different, with the Xbox Series X coming with a 1TB SSD drive, while the Series S is launching with a 512GB SSD drive, and for some that simply won’t be enough to store all the games they want to have installed on their console. Thankfully Seagate has a product that will solve that problem, although it won’t come cheap.

Seagate’s 1TB expansion card for the Xbox Series X and Series S will offer next-gen Xbox owners the ability to increase their storage capacity without sacrificing performance. The only downside is that it’s expensive, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise. The expansion card is available to pre-order from both JB Hi-Fi and EB Games and will set you back $359, which is almost half the cost of the Xbox Series X console.

You can read more about the boons of the expansion card on Seagate’s website.

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