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A New Pulse Red Xbox Controller Has Been Announced; Coming February

Crimson controller

You know what they say, shades are the spice of accessories. Choices are always appreciated when it comes to peripherals, especially when talking about the visual department. If you’re an Xbox player that’s managed to snag a Series X/S, you’re currently able to choose between Carbon Black, Robot White and Shock Blue when it comes to controllers. Soon, though, a new contender will be added to the mix.

Announced via Xbox Wire, the Pulse Red controller will be the newest handset to enter the market. You’ll have all of the usual trimmings with this new crimson controller, as the only change is cosmetic, but damn it does look nice. The Pulse Red controller will be $94.95 and go on sale in February.

Are you a fan of this new coloured controller? What colour would you like to see next? Let us know.

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