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Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension Announced With A New Map And Legend On The Horizon

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It’s been quite the year for Apex Legends. We’ve seen the rise of a murderous simulacrum with Revenant, we lost all of our loot when master thief Loba showed up on the scene and, most recently, we got a little bit scared by the fire rate of Rampart’s turret when she appeared. The time has come once again for Apex to get a shot in the arm with the introduction of a brand new season. After a number of in-game teases and hints, EA and Respawn have finally lifted the lid on Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension, hitting PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 4.

Season 7 will bring with it a number of new additions and alterations, but the by far the most exciting is the introduction of a brand new map called Olympus. The name might sound familiar, as it was mentioned by Ash during the closing moments of Season 5’s story. Olympus will be unlike anything we’ve seen before, as it’s a city among the clouds, floating high above the ground. Respawn warns that while it may be beautiful, it does pose the threat of a long drop, so caution will be avised.

Season 7’s new Legend will be the astrophysicist Horizon (aka Dr Mary Somers). After a mission to save humanity went awry and she was betrayed and left for dead near a black hole, Horizon has made it back to civilisation with a new power to control over gravity. We haven’t been given many details on how exactly Horizon will play, but we have been given a good look at her design and backstory thanks to an episode of Stories from the Outlands which you can watch below.

The Trident, a hovering vehicle of some sort, will also be making its debut in Season 7. It’s yet to be determined whether or not players will directly control it or if it will be on set paths, but they will most likely replace jump towers on the new map. Respawn has said that the Trident will be big enough to fit an entire squad, so load up and get ready to third-squad some unsuspecting Legends.

Of course, we will see a fresh ranked mode that will take place on Olympus before heading back to World’s Edge on December 16. As per usual, there will be a new 100-tier Battle Pass on offer that will include skins, charms, Apex Packs, Holo Sprays and what not. Lastly, Clubs will be added to Apex with Season 7, giving players a chance to find like-minded players and group up in their own community.

You can read through all of the content notes HERE.

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Are you excited to jump into Season 7? Do you like the look of Horizon and the new map? Let us know.

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