battle royale

Hold Up, Fortnite Seems To Have Been Removed from iOS App Store (Update: AND Google Play)

How will the last dozen people without it installed get a hold of it now?

10 Million Players Have Jumped Aboard Apex Legends In Just 72 Hours

We truly have a contender for the next big thing folks

Apex Legends Snags Over 2.5 Million Unique Players In Less Than 24 Hours

A force to be reckoned with, and it is only getting bigger by the hour

Titanfall Is Getting A F2P Battle Royale Spinoff Very Soon

And it could be launching sooner than you think

Realm Royale – Out Now On Steam Early Access

Could Hi-Rez studios give Fortnite a run for its money?

Prepare For Battle With Fortnite Friendlies

Duking it out with some Spiffy ANZ talent

It’s Been A Day, Thanos Already Nerfed In Fortnite

The purple people puncher is dabbing on fools too hard, apparently.

Holy Sh*t, Even Thanos is Playing Fortnite Now

Can you even call someone like Thanos OP? That's kind of his 'thing'.

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