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ARK: Survival Evolved Hits PS4 & Xbox One In 2016

Console gamers will finally get a taste of dino-travel

(Source: Blogjob)

Since Gamescom has arrived quite a few trailers and bits gameplay videos have spilled out from the event, giving fans at the event or at home a glimpse of what their favourite game will bring them. With that said, Ark: Survival Evolved brings some new content as well as future Xbox One and PS4 platform release windows.

Although the dino sim will be available for the two listed consoles for players in the near future, fans will also get to see what the game’s newest one-minute long Gamescom trailer has in store for them, courtesy of Ark: Survival Evolved’s YouTube channel.

The popular prehistoric future survival game has garnered quite a few positive reviews on Steam, and seems to be growing even more. And since it’s growing a large list of people, a lot of the community will find exploits and will take advantages of glitches, which is said to be addressed since it still has some rough edges to smooth out.

The official Ark Survival Wiki (not Wikipedia, Gamepedia) breaks down some of the latest patches and fixes to the game:

  • New Items: Small and Large Bear Traps, for locking players and dinos in their tracks!
  • New Structure: Stone Behemoth Gate
  • New rare “Alpha” T-Rex can be found that is bigger and meaner than the regular T-Rex with distinct color schema, gives a unique cosmetic (and a ton of XP and resources) if you defeat it. It also buffs the resistance and damage of nearby carnis around it due to its Alpha-pack dominating status. You can’t tame it… yet… but we’d like feedback on whether the community would be interested in more of this direction.
  • Tamed Dinos now lay Eggs over time without having to leave them alone i.e. they now do it in real-time and you can watch them… o_O
  • You can no longer damage Tamed dinos thru Walls/Structures (prevents cheaping out people’s dinos from outside their bases)
  • Fixed bug where clients sometimes couldn’t see the equipped items/saddles on characters

In addition to fixes for glitches, many folk aren’t too happy with the announcement for Ark landing for consoles. Many long time players say that the devs should fix some of the ongoing issues instead of working on different versions of the game for consoles. Looking over to Gamerant, the source notes…

“Steam players argue that their version of the game should be finished first before the developer starts thinking about the Xbox One, PS4 and Project Morpheus versions of the game.”

Although the other versions are in the making, we don’t know for sure if the devs will address fixing some of the problems that are looming around. For those interested in the console versions, the Xbox One will receive a nice preview program during the early part of 2016, and will be “invite only,” while the PS4 will see the game land sometime in the summer.



ARK will be released on PS4 and Xbox One in June 2016 and will have full support for Project Morpheus (Sony still plans to ship its VR headset in the first half of 2016) on PS4, and it’s already Oculus Rift compatible on Steam Early Access.




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