Blizzard Offers 100% Increased Experience for World of Warcraft Players Stuck at Home

Blizzard Offers 100% Increased Experience for World of Warcraft Players Stuck at Home

There are a lot of us stuck at home these days – and for those of us already visiting the Retail World of Warcraft, Blizzard has offered an egg in there trying times. Ramp up your levelling experience with a massive increase in Experience gain – that stacks with all the existing Experience bonus armor that you can wear:

If you’re staying inside and find yourself returning to Azeroth, or if you’re leveling another character (or two), you’ll be getting a special bonus to help you on your way. Beginning today through April 20, 2020 all players in Battle for Azeroth will gain an experience buff called “Winds of Wisdom” which will increase experience gains by 100%! (This includes Starter Edition and Legion players as well.)

It’s a fairly straight forward bonus – If you are going to be locked up and playing WoW anyway, might as well enjoy the ride at a faster pace.

It’s important to note that this bonus is applicable only to the Retail WoW experience, the Classic WoW servers/characters will not be benefiting from this offer, as the levelling experience in WoW classic is considered somewhat sacred.

But if you are going to be stuck at home for a while – now is a great time to invest in that massive time investment that is levelling a Classic character anyway, right?

Gain the Winds of Wisdom 100% Experience Buff Through April 20

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