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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 Has Been Announced; Full Reveal To Follow The Xbox Games Showcase

REDACTED no longer

Activision has officially revealed that the next Call of Duty game will be Black Ops 6.

Following a cryptic series of teases, the lid has been partially lifted on the next entry into the mammoth Call of Duty franchise. Ok, cryptic might be generous, as the advertised REDACTED showcase following the June 10th Xbox Games Showcase had imagery that could only really point to Black Ops, but we now know for certain that the beloved sub-series is making a return. The reveal came via a live-action teaser, depicting a group covering the eyes of the Mount Rushmore presidents, spraypainting the words “The Truth Lies” over them.

It’s all very conspiratory, it’s all very Black Ops, but we can’t really glean much from the promotional material as of yet. Instead, we’ll have to wait for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 showcase that will immediately follow the Xbox Games Showcase on June 10 at 3am AEST.

Lastly, the logo definitely aligns with the Call of Duty franchise, particularly the Black Ops series, but doesn’t it look like the middle dog (Cerberus?) head is wearing the Capitol Building as a beanie? Anyway, get hyped for CoD.

Are you going to wake up at 0300 for the Xbox Games and Black Ops 6 Showcases? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

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Written By Adam Ryan

Adam's undying love for all things PlayStation can only be rivalled by his obsession with vacuuming. Whether it's a Dyson or a DualShock in hand you can guarantee he has a passion for it. PSN: TheVacuumVandal XBL: VacuumVandal Steam: TheVacuumVandal


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