Campo Santo Join Valve

Campo Santo Join Valve

Campo Santo struck gold with the release of Firewatch. Our very own Zach Jackson gave the game an impressive score of 8 stating that “Firewatch is a visually-striking emotional adventure that you experience vicariously through the game’s main character.”

Earlier today, the 12 man development studio announced that they would be joining Valve whilst maintaining development on their current project, In The Valley of Gods.

They state that the reasoning behind this partnership is because they found the people at Valve felt the same way about their respective work. They also state that they nicked a bottle of champagne at the IGN offices that was meant for Valve, so this was their way of returning the champagne to its rightful owners.

Naturally, this partnership means that their current project will launch as a Valve game (which might mean we’ll never see a third installment if they ever decide to do a sequel). However, this won’t stop the team from doing their quarterly update blog posts and continuing support for Firewatch.

If you would like to read the entire update made by the studio, click here.

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