Check Out The Latest Tomb Raider Film Trailer

Check Out The Latest Tomb Raider Film Trailer

Video game movies have a sordid past. There’s only a couple that are recommendable as standalone films, with the majority of them having plenty of style but bugger all substance. Yet there’s always something to love about them, even if they’re shit. Super Mario Bros. had awesome set design, Street Fighter had the charm of a Saturday morning cartoon, and Mortal Kombat is just an all-round good movie. No, seriously.

One vidya film, however, without any original style was 2001’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The casting of Angelina Jolie was a given, but the film was too hyped on the Bourne aesthetic to deliver anything memorable. I had to google it to confirm that it existed and that I didn’t make it all up in a fever dream.

Roar Uthaug, a Norwegian director with the coolest name ever, is determined to make things right. His filmography consists of gritty survival films, so this may just be up his alley. Holding your breath for this movie may prove hazardous to your health, though, because video game films can still blow chunks in this day and age. I’m confident that this movie will have plenty of style, but don’t take my word for it! Watch the trailer and decide for yourself:

If you missed out on Tomb Raider’s first trailer from September, you can watch it here.

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