Crypt Of The NecroDancer Is Randomly Free On The PlayStation Store At The Moment

Crypt Of The NecroDancer Is Randomly Free On The PlayStation Store At The Moment

Gaming can be an expensive hobby at the best of times, but when new hardware enters the scene this becomes doubly true, I’m looking at your Xbox Series X/S and PS5. That’s why subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus are so welcome because free games (despite you paying for the sub) are always appreciated. So what’s better than a game that’s included as part of subscription I hear you ask? Well, that would be a game that drops its price to the good looking sum of $0 out of the blue.

That’s exactly what’s happened over on the PlayStation Store, as the rhythmic dungeon crawler Crypt of the NecroDancer has randomly appeared on the storefront for free. Surfing the PlayStation Store, I came across the unique indie game and noticed that it had been discounted to a reasonable AU$4.79, but next to it was the exact same listing for free.

Crypt of the NecroDancer is a tough roguelike that sees you move through dungeons, walloping on monsters and collecting loot to a beat. It’s a very clever combination of rhythm and roguelike games that is well-worth playing if you haven’t already.

This very well may be a mistake on Sony’s behalf, as there has been no announcement of this on any of their social media accounts, but it downloads and plays without issue currently so get on top of it. Just keep in mind that if this is a muck up it might be taken down or removed from your library in the future.

As for now though, Crypt of the NecroDancer is free on the PlayStation Store and can be downloaded HERE.

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