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Darksiders 3 Australian Prices Revealed – Apocalypse Edition $699.95, Online Only

Ready to drop fat stacks?

Australian retailers confirmed today the AUD prices for Darksiders 3 – including the massive Apocalypse edition. So what kind of cash is needed to grab what you want?

The editions and their retail price are as follows:

Darksiders III: Standard Edition $99.95 on XboxOne / PS4 – $89.95 on PC

Darksiders III Collector’s Edition $229.95 on all platforms (XboxOne/PS4/PC)

And the big mama jama? the Darksiders III Apocalypse Edition is $699.95

Good. Lord. That’s some… dedicated fan level stuff.

Just as a reminder, this is what you are getting in the Apocalypse Edition:

Some standard pricing there, but the cost of the big boy edition? Wow. As a die-hard fan of the franchise, I have no idea how to suck up that cost – she’s a steep one.

Here’s hoping Darksiders 4 comes with the last figure I need to finish the horsemen set…

Darksiders 3 tells the next chapter in the planned quadrilogy – after the apocalypse is started early, and the Horseman War is is blamed and exiled, the remaining Horsemen are put to the task of cleaning up the mess. They do however have their own motives – mostly revolving around finding out what caused the apocalypse, and how they can clear their brothers name.

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