Death Stranding Has Gone (Pee) Gold

Death Stranding Has Gone (Pee) Gold

While not that long ago I’d have forgiven you for thinking a game as strange, ambitious and confusing as Death Stranding might never come out, the truth is that its November release is coming up real fast.

Taking to Twitter today, creator and industry rockstar, Hideo Kojima, made the announcement that the game has now gone gold!

It’s surely a glory moment for Kojima-san, who shook the industry around four years ago when he left Metal Gear Solid publisher Konami to form his own studio and start creating Death Stranding.

Messages of support are flooding Twitter, including from Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerilla Games, whose Decima Engine was used to create Death Stranding.

Congratulations to everyone at Kojima Productions for finally doing it!

Death Stranding releases November 8, 2019 for the PlayStation 4.

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