Death Stranding Is Coming To PC In 2020

Death Stranding Is Coming To PC In 2020

At this stage we are only a handful of days away from the release of Hideo Kojima’s next head-scratching game, Death Stranding on PS4 on November 8. It’s the worst kept secret that I’m frothing to get my hands on Death Stranding on PS4 and I am confident that I’m not alone in this feeling. Luckily for those who prefer to get their gaming fix on PC, it has been announced by Kojima Productions via a Tweet, that Death Stranding will in fact be releasing on PC in 2020. Original Tweet is as follows:

So not technically a PlayStation exclusive as advertised, but having the game be more accessible for a wider audience can only be a good thing. Who would want to miss out on all of Kojima’s weirdness? Not this guy.

Death Stranding will release on PS4 on November 8 and PC in 2020. Can’t wait for Death Stranding? Here is the newest trailer to tide you over:

Will you be playing Death Stranding? If so on what platform? Let us know.

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