Destruction AllStars New Trailer Shows Off Gameplay And Game Modes

Destruction AllStars New Trailer Shows Off Gameplay And Game Modes

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for games that have a strong gameplay hook with high replayability. That’s just a fancy way of saying that I’m a fan of titles like Rocket League that you can either play for five minutes of 3 hours. A game that looks as though it will fall into this category is the PS5 exclusive, Destruction AllStars. Despite getting a last-minute delay until February 2021, AllStars will now be a part of the PlayStation Plus line-up for that month, which will give it a good shot in the arm on release.

A post on the PlayStation Blog has followed on from this announcement with a new gameplay trailer as well as a rundown of the game modes that will be available to play. The gameplay shown off in the gameplay is fast and full of action, which is a definite good sign. Crashing, smashing and parkour(ing?) around the stadium looks like a great deal of fun, but for now, let’s have a look at the game modes.


This mode is your classic deathmatch type that challenges players to wreck as many opponents within the time limit, with the player with the highest score winning the match. This game mode can be played in solos and in teams, where balancing character and vehicle play will result in success.


This one is similar to Mayhem, but with a pretty chaotic and fun twist. In this mode, you’ll be collecting Gears (power-ups) which will help with destroying competitors. They will also be used to earn points, but not in the conventional sense. Collecting Gears and then sacrificing your ride by driving it into the Carnado will net you points and throw you out into the arena on foot where you find a new vehicle and get back into the action. This mode is another one that can be played in solos or teams.


This control-based mode is team-based one that will be a bit of a tug of war. Wrecking or bumping opponents will cause Gears to drop, which need to be collected on foot. Once you’ve got your hands on the Gears, you’ll need to run to one of the three banks on the map to collect them permanently for your team. The team with the most amount of banked Gears at the end of the timer will be the winner.


This will be the true test of skill. 16 AllStars will enter the arena and fight until only one remain. You’re able to wreck your opponents in the same ways as the other modes, but you’ll also be able to push them off of the map for a quick wreck. Once wrecked, you’ll be able to respawn a limited amount of times, but once they run out you’re done. There’s only one winner in Gridfall, so this mode will get competitive for sure.

There will also be a training mode where you can test out each of the 16 AllStars to get your bearings. There will also be a number of Challenge Series that pit you against AIs in a gauntlet of challenging events to unlock cosmetics items. It’s also been announced that AllStars host Seasons, hold events and have consistent content drops throughout 2021.

Give the gameplay trailer a look here:

Destruction AllStars will be releasing exclusively on PS5 in February 2021.

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